Si Dios Quiere - Sixta: Venezuela

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Si Dios Quiere populated place
Si Me Encuentran populated place
Si Me Encuentras populated place
Si Pudieras populated place
Si Pudiere populated place
Si Pudieres farm
Siaguani populated place
Siapa populated place
Siapa stream
Siawani populated place
Sibada populated place
Sibaragua populated place
Sibaragua locality
Sibe populated place
Siberia populated place
Sibucara populated place
Sibucaro populated place
Siburea populated place
Siburua populated place
Sicaina area
Sicaname populated locality
Sicaragua populated place
Sicaragua populated place
Sicare de Agua Caliente populated place
Sicare populated place
Sicare area
Sicarigua populated place
Sicarre populated place
Sichipes populated place
Sicua populated place
Siduche populated locality
Siera Pacaraima mountains
Sierra Achini mountain
Sierra Apaguaray mountain
Sierra Aracamuni mountain
Sierra Aribana mountains
Sierra Azul mountain
Sierra Banet ridge
Sierra Caratal ridge
Sierra Chacotepui mountain
Sierra Chivapura mountains
Sierra Coinabayaca mountain
Sierra Culebra mountain
Sierra Cupy mountain
Sierra Curapira ridge
Sierra de Aroa mountains
Sierra de Aroa mountains
Sierra de Baragua mountains
Sierra de Bobare mountains
Sierra de Cachiri mountains
Sierra de Cazadero mountains
Sierra de Corbata mountains
Sierra de Curupira ridge
Sierra de Guampi mountain
Sierra de Guineo mountain
Sierra de Ichun ridge
Sierra de Juan Barquito mountains
Sierra de La Cascarilla hills
Sierra de La Culata mountains
Sierra de la Culata mountains
Sierra de la Culebra mountain
Sierra de la Fundacion mountains
Sierra de La Majayura ridge
Sierra de la Neblina mountain
Sierra de Lajas mountains
Sierra de Lema mountains
Sierra de los Motilones mountains
Sierra de Matatere mountains
Sierra de Matatero mountains
Sierra de Meapire ridge
Sierra de Meaptne ridge
Sierra de Merida mountains
Sierra de Motilones mountains
Sierra de Nuria mountains
Sierra de Pacaraima mountains
Sierra de Pacaraina mountains
Sierra de Perija mountains
Sierra de Pipe mountains
Sierra de Portuguesa mountains
Sierra de San Antonio mountain
Sierra de San Luis ridge
Sierra de San Pedro mountains
Sierra de Santo Domingo ridge
Sierra de Sol mountain
Sierra de Tovar mountains
Sierra de Tucuragua mountain
Sierra de Uaray mountains
Sierra de Unturan hills
Sierra del Andaluz hills
Sierra del Norte mountains
Sierra Delgado Chalbaud ridge
Sierra Docles mountain
Sierra El Catire mountains
Sierra El Indio mountain
Sierra El Pico mountains
Sierra El Plomo ridge
Sierra El Toro ridge
Sierra Faruru-Judi mountain
Sierra Garelucho ridge
Sierra Gariban mountain
Sierra Guahariba ridge
Sierra Guamapi mountain
Sierra Guyapo mountains
Sierra Imataca mountains
Sierra Imataca populated place
Sierra Imeri mountains
Sierra La Cabeceras mountains
Sierra La Maravilla mountains
Sierra La Parida mountain
Sierra Las Puertas del Cielo mountains
Sierra Maigualida mountains
Sierra Maigualide mountains
Sierra Maracapa ridge
Sierra Maracapra ridge
Sierra Mariba mountains
Sierra Marimonda mountains
Sierra Morena mountains
Sierra Morena area
Sierra Negra mountains
Sierra Negra mountains
Sierra Nevada de Merida mountains
Sierra Nevada de Merida mountains
Sierra Nevada mountains
Sierra Pacaraima mountains
Sierra Parima mountains
Sierra Parupa ridge
Sierra Piacoa mountains
Sierra San Antonio mountain
Sierra San Felix hills
Sierra Santa Rosalia mountain
Sierra Segoviera mountains
Sierra Sencopiren ridge
Sierra Sinamaica ridge
Sierra Singopiron ridge
Sierra Sombrero mountain
Sierra Sombrero mountains
Sierra Tacuragua mountain
Sierra Taparapeco mountains
Sierra Tapirapeco mountains
Sierra Teuono mountains
Sierra Tiramuto mountain
Sierra Touono mountains
Sierra Touoro mountains
Sierra Tucuragua mountain
Sierra Uasadi-jidi ridge
Sierra Urapan Tepuy mountains
Sierra Urapatepui mountain
Sierra Vadipu ridge
Sierra Verdun mountain
Sierral mountain
Sierrita La Zanja hill
Siete Palos populated locality
Siguao populated place
Silencio populated place
Silencio populated locality
Silencio triangulation station
Silgara populated place
Silla de Caracas saddle
Silla del Diablo saddle
Silma populated locality
Siloe populated place
Silos de Monay populated place
Silvita populated place
Simanca locality
Simara populated place
Simara populated place
Siminipuche populated locality
Simona populated place
Simona populated place
Simonero populated place
Simonero populated locality
Sinamaica populated place
Sinamaica populated place
Sinamaica populated place
Sinamaica section of populated place
Sinforero populated place
Singapur populated place
Sinisosal populated locality
Sipa area
Sipao populated place
Sipayare populated place
Sipayare triangulation station
Siporo populated place
Sipororo populated place
Sipu locality
Sipudo populated place
Siquire railroad station
Siquisay populated place
Siquisique populated place
Siquita populated place
Siraba populated place
Sirapta populated place
Siropo populated place
Sistema de Guayana upland
Sistema de Riego Bocono Masparro irrigation system
Sistema de Riego Rio Guanare irrigation canal
Sistema Pacaraima mountains
Sitio de Loudes populated place
Sitio Guachapana populated place
Sitio Juan populated place
Sitio La Culebra ruin
Sitio La Fortuna ruin
Sitio La Rosa populated place
Sitio Las Cochimas ruin
Sitio Platanal populated place
Sividigua populated place
Sixta populated place

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