Yn' - Ynysddu - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Yn' Russia stream
Yn Federated States of Micronesia populated place
Yn Russia stream
Yn Russia stream
Ynakehan Russia populated place
Ynakh-Kyuyele Russia populated place
Ynakh-Yuryakh Russia stream
Ynakhsyt Russia populated place
Ynakhsyt Russia populated place
Ynakhsyt Russia stream
Ynalad Philippines populated place
Ynampalogan Philippines populated place
Ynamu Creek Guyana stream
Ynan Cliffs Mexico point
Ynan-Se Russia stream
Ynarga Russia populated place
Ynaroty Belarus populated place
Ynat Russia stream
Yncyca Bay New Zealand bay
Ynda Abba Tosyas Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Azmach Ukbit Amba Eritrea mountain
Ynda Medhane Alem Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Medkhane Alem Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Michaal' Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Mikael Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Senbet Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Sheket Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Syllase Ethiopia populated place
Ynda Syllase Ethiopia populated place
Yndaba Tsakhma Ethiopia populated place
Yndalilo Shet' Ethiopia intermittent stream
Yndalilo Shet Ethiopia intermittent stream
Ynde Tolokha Shet Eritrea intermittent stream
Ynde Sweden populated place
Yndeboula Senegal stream
Yndein Burma populated place
Yndesdal Norway populated place
Yndesdalsvatn Norway lake
Yndestad Norway populated place
Yndin Russia populated place
Ynemmatan Philippines populated place
Ynes B Escobar Elementary School United States School
Ynez School United States School
Yngaren Sweden lake
Yngen Sweden lake
Yngen Sweden lake
Yngered Sweden populated place
Ynglingarum Sweden populated place
Yngnesjo Sweden lake
Yngsdal Norway farm
Yngsfjord Norway fjord
Yngshyttan Sweden populated place
Yngshyttehojden Sweden farms
Yngsjo Havsbad Sweden resort
Yngsjo Strand Sweden quay
Yngsjo Sweden populated place
Yngsjosjon Sweden lake
Yngson Sweden island
Yngui I Cameroon populated place
Yngui Cameroon populated place
Yngvar Knudtzon Fjeld Greenland mountain
Yngvar Knutzons Fjeld Greenland mountain
Yngvar Nielsen Brae Greenland glacier
Yngvar Nielsen Gletscher Greenland glacier
Yngyr-Khaya Russia stream
Yniestra School United States School
Yniestra United States Populated Place
Ynk Mauritania dune
Ynkokalkual Eritrea mountain
Ynnabo Sweden populated place
Ynnesdal Norway populated place
Yno (historical) United States Populated Place
Ynogoya Peru populated place
Ynolingen Sweden lake
Ynoma Pyramid Philippines mountain
Ynot (historical) United States Populated Place
Ynot Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Ynpenekuim Russia stream
Ynpyneuveyem Russia stream
Yntaly Kazakhstan populated place
Yntaly Kazakhstan populated place
Yntaly Kazakhstan populated place
Yntaly Kazakhstan populated place
Yntaly Kazakhstan populated place
Yntholm Sweden island
Yntymak Kazakhstan populated place
Yntymak Kazakhstan populated place
Ynveeghik River United States Stream
Ynyan-Se Russia stream
Ynyan-Se Russia stream
Ynykchan Russia populated place
Ynykchanskiy Russia populated place
Ynyrga Russia populated place
Ynys Badrig United Kingdom island
Ynys Byr United Kingdom island
Ynys Deullyn United Kingdom point
Ynys Dulas United Kingdom island
Ynys Enlli United Kingdom island
Ynys Fach United Kingdom rock
Ynys Gorad Goch United Kingdom island
Ynys Gwylan United Kingdom island
Ynys Gwylan-fawr United Kingdom island
Ynys Gybi United Kingdom island
Ynys Lochtyn United Kingdom rock
Ynys Moelfre United Kingdom island
Ynys Mon United Kingdom first-order administrative division
Ynys Station United Kingdom railroad station
Ynys-las Station United Kingdom railroad station
Ynysddu United Kingdom populated place

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