Yr Aran - Yryuie-Terde - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Yr Aran United Kingdom mountain
Yr Eifl Head United Kingdom headland
Yr Eifl United Kingdom mountain
Yr Wyddgrug United Kingdom seat of a first-order administrative division
Yra Chad populated place
Yradou Guinea populated place
Yradougou Guinea populated place
Yraf Sweden lake
Yraizoz Argentina populated place
Yrajarvi Finland lake
Yran Sweden shoal
Yrandou Guinea populated place
Yrao Philippines populated place
Yrash-Pylykh Russia populated place
Yrashpulykh Russia populated place
Yraskallen Norway shoal
Yrban Russia populated place
Yrda Goliin Bayshing Mongolia populated place
Yrebann Mali populated place
Yreka Butte United States Summit
Yreka City Hall United States Building
Yreka Creek United States Stream
Yreka Creek United States Stream
Yreka Ditch United States Canal
Yreka Division (inactive) United States Census
Yreka High School United States School
Yreka Mine United States Mine
Yreka Park United States Park
Yreka Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Yreka Post Office United States Post Office
Yreka Rim United States Cliff
Yreka United States Populated Place
Yreka United States Populated Place
Yremossen Sweden bog
Yrendague Paraguay populated place
Yresta Sweden farms
Yrga Chafe Ethiopia populated place
Yrgayty Kazakhstan populated place
Yrgayty Kazakhstan stream
Yrgayty Kazakhstan stream
Yrgench Uzbekistan seat of a first-order administrative division
Yrghaity Kazakhstan stream
Yrghayty Kazakhstan stream
Yrghyz Audany Kazakhstan second-order administrative division
Yrghyz Kazakhstan populated place
Yrghyz Kazakhstan stream
Yrhattan Sweden reef
Yrhattan Sweden reef
Yri Kiri Guinea populated place
Yri Chad populated place
Yri Norway farm
Yriart Ranch United States Locale
Yribarne Ranch United States Locale
Yridisis Creek United States Stream
Yrikele Cote d' Ivoire populated place
Yrindou Guinea populated place
Yrinoja Russia stream
Yrisarri United States Populated Place
Yrisi Guinea populated place
Yritta Finland house
Yritys Finland house
Yrjana Finland house
Yrjanainen Finland populated place
Yrjanen Finland house
Yrjar Iceland farm
Yrjas Kirslas Finland populated place
Yrjensbacken Finland populated place
Yrjola Finland house
Yrjola Finland house
Yrjola Finland house
Yrjola Finland house
Yrjola Finland house
Yrjola Finland populated place
Yrjonmaki Finland railroad stop
Yrjonniemi Finland point
Yrke Norway farm
Yrke Norway farm
Yrkefjorden Norway fjord
Yrkir Russia populated place
Yrkje Norway farm
Yrkri Russia populated place
Yrkyr Russia populated place
Yrkyrn Russia populated place
Yro Iran Guinea intermittent stream
Yro Guinea populated place
Yro Guinea stream
Yrobague Cote d' Ivoire populated place
Yrola Cuba populated locality
Yron France stream
Yron Sweden populated place
Yronde France populated place
Yronde-et-Buron France populated place
Yrouerre France populated place
Yrouso Danienga Chad well
Yrpuholl Iceland farm
Yrsas Fjord Greenland fjord
Yrshek Albania populated place
Yrsheku Albania populated place
Yrstenen Sweden rocks
Yrttiaho Finland house
Yrttikoski Finland house
Yrttimaa Finland house
Yrttivaara Sweden populated place
Yrttivara Sweden populated place
Yrucirca Bolivia populated place
Yrva Haiti populated place
Yrygakh Russia stream
Yryuie-Terde Russia populated place

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