Ytri Thorsteinsstadhir - Yttre Fallbaden - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ytri Thorsteinsstadhir Iceland farm
Ytri Tunga Iceland farm
Ytri Vardhgja Iceland farm
Ytri Vatnadalur Iceland farm
Ytri Vedhraa Iceland farm
Ytri-Alftavik Iceland ruin
Ytri-As Iceland farm
Ytri-Baegisa Iceland populated place
Ytri-Bakki Iceland farm
Ytri-Bjargholl Iceland hill
Ytri-Brekkur Iceland farm
Ytri-Brenniholl Iceland farm
Ytri-Brettingsstadhadalur Iceland valley
Ytri-Dalbaer Iceland farm
Ytri-Ey Iceland farm
Ytri-Fjallshali Iceland grazing area
Ytri-Flesjur Iceland island
Ytri-Floi Iceland bay
Ytri-Gardhar Iceland farm
Ytri-Grenivik Iceland farm
Ytri-Grimslaekur Iceland farm
Ytri-Grimsstadhanupur Iceland mountain
Ytri-Hagangur Iceland mountain
Ytri-Hals Iceland slope
Ytri-Hamar Iceland abandoned farm
Ytri-Heidhara Iceland stream
Ytri-Hlidh Iceland farm
Ytri-Holl Iceland farm
Ytri-Holl Iceland farm
Ytri-Hrafnabjorg Iceland farm
Ytri-Hraunkula Iceland hill
Ytri-Hraunlaekur Iceland stream
Ytri-Hruta Iceland stream
Ytri-Hvita Iceland stream
Ytri-Kambholl Iceland farm
Ytri-Karastadhir Iceland farm
Ytri-Kleif Iceland farm
Ytri-Kot Iceland farm
Ytri-Kotlua Iceland stream
Ytri-Lambadalsa Iceland stream
Ytri-Leikskalaa Iceland farm
Ytri-Marstadhir Iceland farm
Ytri-Mosar Iceland grazing area
Ytri-Neslond Iceland farm
Ytri-Njardhvik Iceland populated place
Ytri-Nypur Iceland farm
Ytri-Ranga Iceland stream
Ytri-Raudhamelur Iceland populated place
Ytri-Reistara Iceland farm
Ytri-Saudha Iceland stream
Ytri-Saudha Iceland stream
Ytri-Saudhahraun Iceland grazing area
Ytri-Skeljabrekka Iceland farm
Ytri-Strakur Iceland peak
Ytri-Svartardalur Iceland farm
Ytri-Sveinar Iceland hills
Ytri-Thrandara Iceland stream
Ytri-Thura Iceland farm
Ytri-Tjarnir Iceland farm
Ytri-Torfustadhahreppur Iceland administrative division
Ytri-Trodh Iceland farm
Ytri-Tunga Iceland farm
Ytri-Valdaas Iceland farm
Ytri-Vatnsleysa Iceland stream
Ytri-Vellir Iceland farm
Ytri-Villingadalur Iceland farm
Ytridalur Iceland valley
Ytriey Iceland island
Ytriholl Iceland farm
Ytriholmur Iceland farm
Ytriholmur Iceland island
Ytrimuli Iceland mountain
Ytriskogar Iceland farm
Ytritunga Iceland farm
Ytrosen Norway cove
Ytroy Norway island
Ytroygrend Norway populated place
Yts'piyits'p Flat United States Populated Place
Ytstanes Norway populated place
Ytstaskjerbaen Norway rocks
Ytstaskjeret Norway island
Ytstbaan Norway reef
Ytstbakken Norway farms
Ytstbogan Norway reef
Ytste Brunarora Norway shoal
Ytste-Lundadalssaeter Norway farm
Ytstebaan Norway reef
Ytstebo Norway populated place
Ytstefallsskolten Norway shoal
Ytsteflu Norway reef
Ytsteholmane Norway islands
Ytstelifjellet Norway mountain
Ytstevika Norway cove
Ytstflu Norway bank
Ytstflua Norway bank
Ytstheim Norway populated place
Ytstidalur Faroe Islands cirque
Ytstoy Norway island
Ytstoya Norway island
Ytstoyni Norway island
Ytsum Netherlands locality
Yttela Finland populated place
Ytten Sweden farms
Yttenoy Norway island
Ytter Adgrund Finland island
Ytter Akulla Sweden populated place
Ytter Halvan Finland rocks
Ytter Langskar Finland island
Ytter Olmoss Finland populated place
Ytter Torungen Norway island
Ytter Uddskar Finland island
Ytter Finland island
Ytter-Busjo Sweden populated place
Ytter-Busjon Sweden lake
Ytter-Gissmans-vattnet Sweden lake
Ytter-Klosan Sweden island
Ytter-Rissjon Sweden lake
Ytter-Rissjon Sweden lake
Ytter-Roversjon Sweden lake
Ytter-Sillo Sweden island
Ytter-Sundom By Finland populated place
Ytter-Tridingen Sweden rocks
Ytteraker Sweden populated place
Ytterakero Sweden populated place
Ytteran Sweden populated place
Ytterang Sweden farm
Ytteranger Sweden populated place
Ytterasen Sweden populated place
Ytterasen Sweden reef
Ytterbada Finland reef
Ytterbadan Finland island
Ytterbadan Sweden reef
Ytterbadan Sweden rocks
Ytterbaden Finland island
Ytterbaden Sweden shoal
Ytterberg Sweden populated place
Ytterberg Sweden populated place
Ytterberga Sweden populated place
Ytterberget Sweden hill
Ytterberget Sweden rocks
Ytterbergsbyn Sweden populated place
Ytterbergsbyn Sweden railroad stop
Ytterbo Norway populated place
Ytterbo Sweden farm
Ytterbo Sweden populated place
Ytterbo Sweden populated place
Ytterbo Sweden populated place
Ytterboda Sweden populated place
Ytterboda Sweden populated place
Ytterbodafjarden Sweden bay
Ytterbodarna Sweden populated place
Ytterbol Norway farms
Ytterbole Sweden populated place
Ytterbrato Finland populated place
Ytterbrotten Finland reef
Ytterby Finland house
Ytterby Finland populated place
Ytterby Norway farms
Ytterby Sweden farm
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterby Sweden populated place
Ytterbyn Sweden farms
Ytterbyn Sweden populated place
Ytterbyn Sweden populated place
Ytterbyn Sweden populated place
Ytterbysjon Sweden lake
Ytterbystrand Sweden populated place
Ytterbyviken Finland cove
Ytterdalen Norway farm
Ytterdalen Svalbard valley
Ytterdalsegga Svalbard ridge
Ytterdalselva Svalbard stream
Ytterdalsgubben Svalbard mountain
Ytterdalslona Svalbard lake
Ytterdalssata Svalbard mountain
Ytterdalsveggen Svalbard cliff
Yttered Sweden populated place
Ytteren Norway populated place
Yttereneby Sweden farm
Yttereng Norway populated place
Ytterenga Norway populated place
Ytterenhorna Sweden church
Ytteresse Finland populated place
Ytterfalle Sweden populated place
Ytterfalle Sweden populated place
Ytterfjarden Finland bay
Ytterfjarden Sweden cove
Ytterfjord Norway farm
Ytterfladan Finland bay
Yttergansta Sweden populated place
Yttergarda Sweden populated place
Yttergarden Norway farm
Yttergarden Norway farm
Yttergran Sweden populated place
Yttergrund Finland island
Yttergrund Finland point
Yttergrund Finland shoal
Yttergrund Finland shoal
Yttergrund Finland island
Yttergrund Sweden shoal
Yttergrund Sweden shoal
Yttergrund Sweden reef
Yttergrund Sweden rocks
Yttergrundet Finland rock
Yttergrundet Finland reef
Yttergrunnen Norway reef
Yttergrunnen Norway reef
Ytterhaken Sweden rock
Ytterhallarna Finland rocks
Ytterhallen Sweden populated place
Ytterhamnen Sweden harbor
Ytterhara Finland rock
Ytterharde Sweden populated place
Ytterharnas Sweden populated place
Ytterharun Finland island
Ytterhaugsvold Norway farm
Ytterhaugsvollen Norway farm
Ytterheia Norway populated place
Ytterheien Norway populated place
Ytterhogan Finland island
Ytterhogdal Sweden church
Ytterhogdal Sweden populated place
Ytterhogdal Sweden railroad stop
Ytterholm Finland rock
Ytterholm Finland island
Ytterholm Norway island
Ytterholm Sweden farm
Ytterholm Sweden island
Ytterholmane Svalbard islands
Ytterholmarna Svalbard islands
Ytterholmen Finland island
Ytterholmen Finland peninsula
Ytterholmen Finland island
Ytterholmen Norway island
Ytterholmen Sweden farm
Ytterholmen Sweden island
Ytterholmen Sweden island
Ytterholmen Sweden island
Ytterholmen Sweden island
Ytterholmen Sweden island
Ytterholmen Sweden rock
Ytterholmsfjarden Finland bay
Ytterhosen Sweden shoal
Ytterhosen Sweden shoal
Ytterhult Sweden farm
Ytterhult Sweden populated place
Ytterjarna Sweden church
Ytterjeppo Finland populated place
Ytterkalsta Sweden populated place
Ytterkarvasen Sweden reef
Ytterkilsjon Sweden lake
Ytterklacken Sweden shoal
Ytterklappen Finland rock
Ytterkleiva Norway point
Ytterklint Sweden rock
Ytterklinten Sweden populated place
Ytterklintfaboda Sweden populated place
Ytterklippen Sweden hill
Ytterknuven Sweden shoal
Ytterkobben Finland island
Ytterkofland Sweden populated place
Ytterkovland Sweden populated place
Ytterkurk Finland house
Ytterland Finland island
Ytterland Finland rock
Ytterlanden Finland islands
Ytterlandet Finland rock
Ytterlands Badan Finland rock
Ytterlannas Sweden church
Ytterlannas Sweden populated place
Ytterlanningen Sweden house
Ytterlendingen Norway populated place
Ytterlia Norway farm
Yttermalung Sweden populated place
Yttermalungs Sweden populated place
Yttermark Finland populated place
Yttermesjoen Norway reef
Yttermo Sweden populated place
Yttermora Sweden section of populated place
Yttermorjarv Sweden populated place
Yttermyra Sweden populated place
Yttern Sweden lake
Yttern Sweden lake
Yttern Sweden lake
Ytternala Sweden farm
Ytternas Finland populated place
Ytternas Sweden populated place
Ytternas Sweden populated place
Ytternas Sweden populated place
Ytternas Sweden populated place
Ytternasan Sweden point
Ytternaset Sweden peninsula
Ytterneset Norway point
Ytterneset Norway point
Ytternora Sweden farm
Ytternutto Sweden populated place
Yttero Finland island
Yttero Finland island
Yttero Norway island
Yttero Sweden island
Yttero Sweden island
Ytterocke Sweden populated place
Ytteroen Norway island
Ytteroen Norway island
Ytteroksen Norway point
Ytterolden Sweden populated place
Ytterolmos Finland populated place
Ytterolmos Finland populated place
Ytteron Finland island
Ytteron Finland island
Ytteron Svalbard island
Ytteron Sweden island
Ytteron Sweden section of island
Ytteron Sweden populated place
Ytteroren Finland rock
Ytterosund Sweden channel
Ytteroy Herad Norway administrative division
Ytteroy Norway church
Ytteroy Norway island
Ytteroy Norway island
Ytteroya Norway island
Ytteroya Norway island
Ytteroyane Norway islands
Ytteroyi Norway island
Ytteroyvaeret Norway islands
Ytteroyvagen Norway cove
Ytterpiggen Svalbard mountain
Ytterrevet Sweden reef
Ytterriskan Sweden reef
Ytterrissjo Sweden populated place
Yttersavne Sweden populated place
Yttersbenning Sweden populated place
Yttersberg Finland rock
Yttersby Sweden populated place
Yttersel Sweden populated place
Yttersel Sweden populated place
Yttersel Sweden populated place
Ytterselet Sweden populated place
Ytterselet Sweden populated place
Ytterselet Sweden populated place
Ytterselo Sweden church
Ytterselsberget Sweden hill
Yttersgrund Finland island
Yttersjoholm Sweden populated place
Yttersjon Sweden farms
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden lake
Yttersjon Sweden populated place
Ytterskallen Norway shoal
Ytterskar Finland island
Ytterskar Finland island
Ytterskar Finland island
Ytterskar Finland rock
Ytterskar Sweden populated place
Ytterskar Sweden island
Ytterskar Sweden island
Ytterskar Sweden island
Ytterskardet Svalbard pass
Ytterskaret Finland island
Ytterskaret Sweden island
Ytterskarsgrundet Sweden shoal
Ytterskjaer Norway rocks
Ytterskjeret Norway rocks
Ytterskjeret Norway rocks
Ytterskog Sweden populated place
Ytterslandet Finland island
Yttersmark Sweden populated place
Yttersora Sweden populated place
Ytterst Langskar Finland island
Yttersta Betskaret Sweden rocks
Yttersta Hamnskar Finland island
Yttersta Kallhamnen Sweden rock
Yttersta Langskar Finland island
Yttersta Sweden farms
Ytterstad Norway populated place
Ytterstad Sweden populated place
Ytterstbadan Sweden shoal
Ytterstbadarna Finland rocks
Ytterstberg Finland rock
Ytterstbergsbrott Finland shoal
Ytterstfors Sweden farms
Ytterstfors Sweden farms
Ytterstgrund Finland island
Ytterstgrund Finland point
Ytterstgrunden Finland rocks
Ytterstgrunden Finland rocks
Ytterstgrundet Finland island
Ytterstgrundet Sweden shoal
Ytterstgrundet Sweden rocks
Yttersthergsbrott Finland shoal
Ytterstholm Finland island
Ytterstholmen Finland island
Ytterstholmen Sweden island
Ytterstholmen Sweden island
Ytterstholmen Sweden island
Ytterstlandet Sweden island
Ytterstmark Sweden populated place
Yttersto Finland island
Ytterston Sweden island
Ytterstoren Finland rock
Yttersttjarn Sweden lake
Yttersundom Finland populated place
Yttertallmo Sweden populated place
Yttertanger Sweden populated place
Yttertavle Sweden populated place
Yttertjarn Sweden lake
Yttertjarn Sweden lake
Yttertjorna Svalbard lake
Yttertrask Sweden populated place
Yttertrasket Finland lake
Ytterturingen Sweden populated place
Ytterursviken Sweden populated place
Yttervaer Norway cove
Yttervaer Norway point
Yttervag Norway populated place
Yttervagga Sweden populated place
Yttervalla Sweden farms
Yttervik Norway farm
Yttervik Sweden farm
Yttervik Sweden farms
Yttervik Sweden populated place
Ytterviken Sweden bay
Yttervingen Sweden rock
Ytteryg Sweden populated place
Yttila Finland populated place
Yttra As Sweden populated place
Yttra Atrask Sweden farms
Yttra Badan Sweden rock
Yttra Garda Sweden populated place
Yttra Hamnskar Sweden island
Yttra Langhult Sweden populated place
Yttra Logdasjon Sweden lake
Yttra Skallbadarna Sweden rock
Yttra Skotholmen Sweden island
Yttra Slangan Sweden rock
Yttran Sweden lake
Yttre Abaran Sweden shoal
Yttre Aby Sweden populated place
Yttre Adgrundet Finland island
Yttre Aggoren Finland islands
Yttre Akulla Sweden populated place
Yttre Alharan Sweden rock
Yttre Alvshult Sweden populated place
Yttre Alvsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Andholmsviken Sweden cove
Yttre Angholm Finland island
Yttre Arasjon Sweden lake
Yttre Arvidstrask Sweden lake
Yttre Arvidtrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Aserod Norway populated place
Yttre Aspskar Finland island
Yttre Asunden Sweden lake
Yttre Asvattnet Sweden lake
Yttre Atrask Sweden lake
Yttre Atrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Backa Sweden populated place
Yttre Baden Sweden rocks
Yttre Baden Sweden rock
Yttre Bengtsan Sweden shoal
Yttre Benskaren Sweden rocks
Yttre Bergon Sweden peninsula
Yttre Bjar Sweden rocks
Yttre Bjorkskar Finland island
Yttre Bjorsgardsgrunden Sweden shoal
Yttre Bjorstorp Sweden populated place
Yttre Bjurstrask Sweden lake
Yttre Bjurstrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Bjurtrask Sweden lake
Yttre Blacken Sweden shoal
Yttre Boda Sweden populated place
Yttre Bodane Sweden farms
Yttre Bohult Sweden populated place
Yttre Borgen Finland island
Yttre Bredan Finland islands
Yttre Bredskar Finland island
Yttre Brottet Sweden rocks
Yttre Brunnskar Sweden island
Yttre Buar Sweden populated place
Yttre Burholmen Sweden island
Yttre Busjon Sweden lake
Yttre Dannskaren Sweden rock
Yttre Degerstensgrundet Sweden island
Yttre Djupkallen Sweden shoal
Yttre Dodskarsflu Sweden reef
Yttre Duvan Sweden shoal
Yttre Elfshult Sweden populated place
Yttre Elfsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Eneskarsbade Sweden reef
Yttre Ertsjarv Sweden lake
Yttre Fallbaden Sweden reef

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