Yttre Fjarden - Ytyrga - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Yttre Fjarden Sweden bay
Yttre Fjardgrund Sweden reef
Yttre Fjardsgrundet Sweden island
Yttre Fjardskullen Sweden shoal
Yttre Fjatsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Flackholmen Sweden island
Yttre Fladen Sweden cove
Yttre Flakorarna Sweden islands
Yttre Flatgrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Flatlogen Sweden rock
Yttre Flatlogen Sweden rock
Yttre Flojbaden Sweden shoal
Yttre Fosksjon Sweden lake
Yttre Fredals Skargard Sweden islands
Yttre Gallareboke Sweden populated place
Yttre Galtjarn Sweden lake
Yttre Garden Sweden island
Yttre Gardet Sweden shoal
Yttre Gase Sweden rock
Yttre Gasskar Sweden rock
Yttre Gasskarsbaden Sweden shoal
Yttre Gasslingen Sweden lake
Yttre Gerbergardet Sweden populated place
Yttre Geslingen Sweden lake
Yttre Gissmansvattnet Sweden lake
Yttre Gjusskaret Sweden island
Yttre Golpan Finland island
Yttre Graholm Sweden island
Yttre Grytskar Sweden island
Yttre Grytskaren Sweden island
Yttre Gundleholmen Sweden island
Yttre Guorkasjon Sweden lake
Yttre Gyllenbadan Finland rocks
Yttre Haga Sweden farms
Yttre Hagadalen Sweden house
Yttre Hagasjon Sweden lake
Yttre Hallkallan Finland rocks
Yttre Hallo Sweden island
Yttre Hallsfjarden Sweden bay
Yttre Hamnen Sweden docking basin
Yttre Hamnskar Sweden island
Yttre Haporen Finland island
Yttre Haran Finland island
Yttre Hasslogrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Hastbaden Sweden shoal
Yttre Hatten Finland island
Yttre Hedane Sweden populated place
Yttre Heden Sweden populated place
Yttre Hedene Sweden populated place
Yttre Hestra Sweden populated place
Yttre Hjalmvik Sweden populated place
Yttre Hjartared Sweden populated place
Yttre Hjortgrundet Sweden rocks
Yttre Hoghult Sweden farms
Yttre Hollsvattnet Sweden lake
Yttre Holmen Sweden island
Yttre Huo Sweden island
Yttre Jafretrask Sweden lake
Yttre Jarnasgrundet Sweden rock
Yttre Javretrask Sweden lake
Yttre Jorantrask Sweden lake
Yttre Jorantrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Jordala Sweden populated place
Yttre Jovantrask Sweden lake
Yttre Jungfrun Finland rock
Yttre Kallehult Sweden populated place
Yttre Kampon Sweden island
Yttre Karvasen Sweden reef
Yttre Kaven Norway cove
Yttre Kiptrask Sweden lake
Yttre Kittelskar Finland island
Yttre Klabben Sweden rock
Yttre Klappen Finland rocks
Yttre Klavholmen Sweden rock
Yttre Klovaskar Finland rock
Yttre Klungan Sweden rocks
Yttre Knavringen Sweden shoal
Yttre Knosen Sweden shoal
Yttre Konas Sweden populated place
Yttre Korso Finland island
Yttre Kroksjon Sweden lake
Yttre Kullen Sweden rock
Yttre Kvarntrask Sweden lake
Yttre Langan Sweden shoal
Yttre Langbadan Finland island
Yttre Langharen Sweden island
Yttre Langskar Finland island
Yttre Langskar Sweden island
Yttre Lansjarv Sweden farms
Yttre Lansjarv Sweden lake
Yttre Lapperholmen Finland island
Yttre Ledskar Sweden rock
Yttre Lekskar Sweden rock
Yttre Lemelsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Lida Sweden farm
Yttre Lindo Sweden peninsula
Yttre Ljuskobb Finland rock
Yttre Ljusskar Finland island
Yttre Ljusvattnet Sweden lake
Yttre Lofterud Sweden populated place
Yttre Lon Sweden island
Yttre Lonngrundet Sweden island
Yttre Maa Sweden populated place
Yttre Marrgrund Finland reef
Yttre Medvaga Sweden section of populated place
Yttre Melbadarna Sweden rocks
Yttre Melskaren Sweden rocks
Yttre Mjala Sweden populated place
Yttre Mjoogrundet Sweden islands
Yttre Mjovattnet Sweden lake
Yttre Morjarv Sweden populated place
Yttre Morogrundet Sweden island
Yttre Mossared Sweden populated place
Yttre Nastrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Nordsjosjon Sweden lake
Yttre Nygrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Ocke Sweden populated place
Yttre Oldsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Olson Sweden island
Yttre Olssund Sweden island
Yttre On Sweden island
Yttre Orasjon Sweden lake
Yttre Oren Finland rock
Yttre Ortholmen Sweden rock
Yttre Paslan Sweden shoal
Yttre Pitfjarden Sweden bay
Yttre Pungo Finland island
Yttre Qvarntrask Sweden lake
Yttre Randingarna Sweden lakes
Yttre Redden Sweden sound
Yttre Reveln Sweden rocks
Yttre Rickleagrunden Sweden shoal
Yttre Rissjo Sweden populated place
Yttre Rissjon Sweden lake
Yttre Rodgrund Finland rocks
Yttre Rodgrundet Finland rocks
Yttre Rosarp Sweden populated place
Yttre Roskaren Sweden rock
Yttre Roversjon Sweden lake
Yttre Rud Sweden populated place
Yttre Runnogrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Sallaren Sweden island
Yttre Salstenarna Sweden reef
Yttre Saltbaden Sweden reef
Yttre Sandgrundet Sweden island
Yttre Sandgrundet Sweden island
Yttre Sattmark Finland rocks
Yttre Sillo Sweden island
Yttre Sjalhuvudet Finland reef
Yttre Skapholmen Sweden rock
Yttre Skarbadan Sweden rock
Yttre Skarbuen Sweden shoal
Yttre Skarefjarden Sweden cove
Yttre Skivsjon Sweden lake
Yttre Skraddarstapeln Sweden shoal
Yttre Skutstenen Finland reef
Yttre Skvallerkubben Sweden rock
Yttre Smatrask Sweden lake
Yttre Sokkelvik Norway farms
Yttre Sorvattensjon Sweden lake
Yttre Spinken Sweden rocks
Yttre Spyskar Sweden rock
Yttre Stekon Sweden island
Yttre Stengrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Stennaset Sweden point
Yttre Stenskar Finland island
Yttre Stickelobaden Sweden shoal
Yttre Stockvik Sweden bay
Yttre Storbacken Sweden populated place
Yttre Storgrund Sweden shoal
Yttre Storshult Sweden populated place
Yttre Strockskaret Sweden island
Yttre Sundom Finland populated place
Yttre Svardsjo Sweden populated place
Yttre Taktarn Finland island
Yttre Tanderna Sweden rocks
Yttre Tangen Sweden shoal
Yttre Tistlarna Sweden islands
Yttre Tistlarne Sweden islands
Yttre Tjarhallet Finland rock
Yttre Torgrund Finland island
Yttre Torngrund Finland island
Yttre Torp Sweden farm
Yttre Trasket Sweden lake
Yttre Trutkobben Sweden rock
Yttre Tvaratrask Sweden lake
Yttre Tvaratrask Sweden lake
Yttre Tvaratrasket Sweden lake
Yttre Tynderosundet Sweden inlet
Yttre Uddskar Finland island
Yttre Uddskaret Finland island
Yttre Ultervattnet Sweden populated place
Yttre Utgrynnan Finland rocks
Yttre Utstenarna Finland islands
Yttre Vaktlandet Finland island
Yttre Valbaden Sweden rocks
Yttre Vang Sweden populated place
Yttre Vasterlandet Finland island
Yttre Veka Sweden farm
Yttre Verkanliden Sweden hill
Yttre Verkansjon Sweden lake
Yttre Vidskar Sweden island
Yttre Vikbaden Sweden rock
Yttre Viten Sweden rock
Yttre Vitharun Finland rock
Yttre Vrangen Sweden lake
Yttre Weka Sweden farm
Yttre Sweden populated place
Yttre Sweden populated place
Yttre-Ahallan Sweden rock
Yttre-Bergnaset Sweden section of populated place
Yttre-Klipptrasket Sweden lake
Yttre-Smatrasket Sweden lake
Yttre-Taftefjarden Sweden bay
Yttrefjallet Sweden hill
Yttrefjarden Sweden bay
Yttrefjorden Norway marine channel
Yttrehamn Sweden docking basin
Yttrehamnen Sweden docking basin
Yttren Sweden lake
Yttresback Sweden stream
Yttro Sweden populated place
Yttrup Denmark populated place
Ytum Philippines populated place
Ytumbo Angola populated place
Yturri-Edmunds Historic Park United States Park
Yturria Oil Field United States Oilfield
Yturria United States Populated Place
Ytychan Russia populated place
Ytyga Russia populated place
Ytyk Russia populated place
Ytyk-Kel' Russia populated place
Ytyk-Khatyng Russia populated place
Ytyk-Kyuyel' Russia populated place
Ytykaan Russia populated place
Ytykh Russia populated place
Ytykkuul'veyem Russia stream
Ytymdya Russia stream
Ytymdzha Russia stream
Ytyrga Russia stream

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