Cabayi School - Cawunajena: Zimbabwe

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Cabayi School school
Cabayi hill
Caberfeigh farm
Cactus Hill farm
Cactus Poort Dam reservoir
Cactus mine
Cactus mine
Cadogan farms
Cairn-na-Cuihme farm
Cairndhu Estate farm
Cairndhu farm
Cairndhu mine
Cairngorm mine
Cairnsmore Estate farm
Caithness farm
Calais farm
Calcite mine
Calderwood mine
Caledon Dip cattle dipping tank
Caledon farms
Caledonia farm
Caledonia farm
Calgary farm
California farm
California farm
California farm
Calm farm
Cam and Motor mine
Cambana River stream
Cambani River stream
Camberwell farm
Cambona stream
Cambria farm
Cambria farm
Cambrian mine
Cambridge Estate farm
Cambridge farm
Cambusdrennie farm
Camel mine
Camelia mine
Camp Hill hill
Campagna farm
Campaspe farm
Campden farm
Camperdown farm
Camperdown farm
Camperdown farm
Camperdown mine
Camsasa farm
Camurandu stream
Canada mine
Canberra farm
Cango farm
Canonkopje farm
Canopus mine
Capers farm
Capfuee School school
Carbis farm
Cardigan farm
Cardigan farm
Cardigan mine
Carfax Estate farm
Carisbrook farm
Carl Lisa farm
Carlow farm
Carlssens Farm farm
Carlsville farm
Carlton Curlieu farm
Carn Brae mine
Carn Brae mine
Carn mine
Carnethy farm
Carnock Estate farm
Carnock farm
Carolina Estate farm
Carolina Extension farm
Carolina farm
Carolina farm
Carolina farm
Carolina farm
Caroluskoppies farm
Carrick Creagh farm
Carrick farm
Carriers Rest farm
Carruthersville farm
Carusa Pan pan
Caruso Pan pan
Casa Ventura mine
Cashel Intensive Conservation Area area
Cashel populated place
Caskie Ben farm
Castaway mine
Castle Base farm
Castle Beacon peak
Castle Block farm
Castle Combe farm
Castle Kop farm
Castle Zonga Estate farm
Castle farm
Castleburn farm
Castledene Pines Extension farm
Castledene Pines farm
Castlemaine farm
Castor farm
Cataract Island island
Catherine Valley farm
Cathleen populated locality
Catkin Fly Chamber gate
Catkin Fly Gate gate
Catkin mine
Catleigh farm
Cato mine
Cauchi pan
Causeway farm
Cavalla farm
Cavan farm
Cavan farm
Caversham farm
Cawdor farm
Cawugamahu Pan pan
Cawugamanu Pan pan
Cawunajena populated place

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