Kosovo Photos
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Alphabetical index of photos of Kosovo below the thumbnail index.

Aerial photo of Camp Bondsteel, KFOR headquarters, Kosovo photo Aerial view of Pristina, Kosovo photo Artificial lake of Vau i Dejes, Kosovo photo Batlava lake, Kosovo photo Bill Clinton statue on Bill Clinton Bulevard, Prishtina, Kosovo photo Bombed Orthodox church, Podujevo, Kosovo photo Bregu i Diellit district, Pristina, Kosovo photo Bregu i Diellit shopping mall, Pristina, Kosovo photo Byzantine church entry, Decani monastery, Kosovo photo Byzantine frescos, Decani monastery, Kosovo photo A cafe restaurant in pristina, Kosovo photo Church in Dekani, Kosovo photo Church of Bogorodica Ljeviska, Kosovo photo Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevisa, Kosovo photo Dakonica (Gjakova), Kosovo photo Dekani monastery, a UNESCO world heritage site, Kosovo photo Gjeravica lake, Kosovo photo Gornjarapca, Kosovo photo HolyTrinity church, Partes, Kosovo photo Ibar Gorge, Kosovo photo Imperial mosque, Prishtina, Kosovo photo Jashar Pasha mosque, Kosovo photo Kacanik, Kosovo photo Kokaj, Kosovo photo Leqinat mountain, Kosovo photo Lloca, Kosovo photo Maglic fortress, Kosovo photo Mahmet Pasha hamam, built in the 15th century, Kosovo photo Mitrovica bridge, separates the Albanian from the Serbian sections of the city, Kosovo photo Mosque in Prizren, Kosovo photo National Museum, Pristina, Kosovo photo Old Serbian bridge over the Erenik river near Dakovica, Kosovo photo Orthodox church, Pec, Kosovo photo OSCE building, Pristina, Kosovo photo Prizren, Kosovo photo Public library, Urosevac, Kosovo photo Radonjicko lake, Kosovo photo Whitewater rafting on the Ibar river, Kosovo photo River dam, Kokaj, Kosovo photo Rugova canyon, Kosovo photo Rugova waterfall, Kosovo photo Ruselia peak, Kosovo photo Skanderberg statue, Prishtina, Kosovo photo Pristina (Prishtina) skyline, Kosovo photo Sultan Murat turbesi (tomb), Kosovo photo Theranda, Kosovo photo View from the Grand Hotel, Pristina, Kosovo photo Village of Kuciste, Kosovo photo Vucitrn, Kosovo photo White Drin river waterfall, Kosovo photo Zubin Potoku, Kosovo photo

  • Aerial photo of Camp Bondsteel, KFOR headquarters
  • Aerial view of Pristina
  • Artificial lake of Vau i Dejes
  • Batlava lake
  • Bill Clinton statue on Bill Clinton Bulevard, Prishtina
  • Bombed Orthodox church, Podujevo
  • Bregu i Diellit district, Pristina
  • Bregu i Diellit shopping mall, Pristina
  • Byzantine church entry, Decani monastery
  • Byzantine frescos, Decani monastery
  • Cafe restaurant in pristina
  • Church in Dekani
  • Church of Bogorodica Ljeviska
  • Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevisa
  • Dakonica (Gjakova)
  • Dekani monastery, a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Gjeravica lake
  • Gornjarapca
  • HolyTrinity church, Partes
  • Ibar Gorge
  • Imperial mosque, Prishtina
  • Jashar Pasha mosque
  • Kacanik
  • Kokaj
  • Leqinat mountain
  • Lloca
  • Maglic fortress
  • Mahmet Pasha hamam
  • Mitrovica bridge
  • Mosque in Prizren
  • National Museum, Pristina
  • Old Serbian bridge over the Erenik river near Dakovica
  • Orthodox church, Pec
  • OSCE building, Pristina
  • Prizren
  • Public library, Urosevac
  • Radonjicko lake
  • River dam, Kokaj
  • Rugova canyon
  • Rugova waterfall
  • Ruselia peak
  • Skanderberg statue, Prishtina
  • Pristina (Prishtina) skyline
  • Sultan Murat turbesi (tomb)
  • Theranda
  • View from the Grand Hotel, Pristina
  • Village of Kuciste
  • Vucitrn
  • White Drin river waterfall
  • Whitewater rafting on the Ibar river
  • Zubin Potoku

    SOURCE: The source of each photo is noted on each photo page.

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    NOTE: The photos of Kosovo on this page is re-published from the sources noted on each indivitual Kosovo photo page. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Kosovo information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Kosovo photographs should be addressed to their respective copyright owner.

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