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Atacazo Volcano, Ecuador

Atacazo Volcano, Ecuador, Volcano photo

Atacazo Volcano, Ecuador

Atacazo stratovolcano, located 20 km south of Quito, is seen here from the west along the road to Guayaquil.

The volcano contains a summit caldera that is partially filled by lava domes of Holocene age.

Lava domes are also found on the SE flank.

The only dated Holocene eruption took place about 2400 years ago, forming the Ninahuilca lava domes, the peaks below the center horizon.

Atacazo stratovolcano, located about 25 km SW of the capital city of Quito, consists of a large Pleistocene andesitic stratovolcanoes truncated by a late-Pleistocene to Holocene caldera.

Growth of La Carcacha stratovolcano was followed by construction of Atacazo, a stratovolcano with flank lava domes.

The 6-km-wide caldera, which is breached to the SW, is partially filled by three dacitic lava-dome complexes of Holocene age.

Two andesitic lava domes are also found on the SE flank.

Several plinian eruptions have occurred at the Atacazo-Ninahuilca complex during the Holocene, accompanied by growth of lava domes.

The latest dated eruption took place about 2300 years ago, forming the Ninahuilca Chico lava domes within the summit caldera.

Dome formation was accompanied by plinian explosive eruptions and pyroclastic flows that traveled 35 km down valleys to the west.

PHOTO SOURCE: John Ewert, 1992 (U.S. Geological Survey), courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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