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Bandai Volcano, Japan

 Bandai Volcano, Japan, Volcano photo

Bandai Volcano, Japan

One of Japan's most noted volcanoes, Bandai-san rises above rice fields north of Lake Inawashiro.

Seen from this direction, Bandai has a conical profile, but much of the north side of the volcano is missing, leaving a horseshoe-shaped caldera open to the north.

This crater formed as a result of the 1888 collapse of Ko-Bandai volcano, north of the principal summit of O-Bandai, seen here. Akahani-yama (extreme right) is another Bandai stratovolcano.

The forested ridge at the left foreground is part of an earlier Pleistocene debris-avalanche deposit.

One of Japan's most noted volcanoes, Bandai-san rises above the north shore of Lake Inawashiro.

The Bandai complex is formed of several overlapping andesitic stratovolcanoes, the largest of which is O-Bandai.

Ko-Bandai volcano, which collapsed in 1888, was formed about 50,000 years ago.

O-Bandai volcano was constructed within a horseshoe-shaped caldera that formed about 40,000 years when an older volcano collapsed, forming the Okinajima debris avalanche, which traveled to the SW and was accompanied by a plinian explosive eruption.

The last magmatic eruption at Bandai took place more than 25,000 years ago, but four major phreatic eruptions have occurred during the past 5000 years, two of them in historical time, in 806 and 1888.

Seen from the south, Bandai presents a conical profile, but much of the north side of the volcano is missing as a result of the collapse of Ko-Bandai volcano during the 1888 eruption, in which a debris avalanche buried several villages and formed several large lakes.

PHOTO SOURCE: Lee Siebert, 1988 (Smithsonian Institution), courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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