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Gamkonora Volcano, Indonesia

 Gamkonora Volcano, Indonesia, Volcano photo

Gamkonora Volcano, Indonesia

Gamkonora volcano, seen here from the NW coast near Gamsungi village, is one of Halmahera's more active volcanoes.

The summit crater of Gamkonora is elongated in a N-S direction, with a small crater lake at the north end.

The first two historical eruptions, in 1564 or 1565, and in 1693, were the most severe, producing respectively a destructive lava flow that reached the sea, and a tsunami that inundated villages.

The shifting of eruption centers on Gamkonora, at 1635 m the highest peak of Halmahera, has produced an elongated series of summit craters along a N-S trending rift.

Youthful-looking lava flows originate near the cones of Gunung Alon and Popolojo, south of Gamkonora.

Since its first recorded eruption in the 16th century, Gamkonora has typically produced small-to-moderate explosive eruptions.

Its largest historical eruption, in 1673, was accompanied by tsunamis that inundated villages.

PHOTO SOURCE: A. Solihin, 1984 (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia), courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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