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Kikhpinych Volcano, Russia

 Kikhpinych Volcano, Russia, Volcano photo

Kikhpinych Volcano, Russia

Three Holocene cones of Kikhpinych volcano are seen in this view from the west with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Savich, the conical peak on the center horizon, is the youngest and formed beginning about 1400 radiocarbon years ago.

The more rounded, unvegetated peak in front of it is Zapedny ("Western") cone and formed beginning about 4800 years ago.

Duga cinder cone in the foreground erupted about 3200 years ago and produced lava flows up to 10 km long.

Kikhpinych, the youngest stratovolcano of the eastern volcanic zone of Kamchatka and one of the smallest, contains three summits constructed along a roughly E-W line above the eroded Pleistocene Pik volcano, NE of the Uzon caldera.

Growth of the modern volcano began during the middle Holocene about 4800 years ago with construction of the Zapadny cone.

After a long quiescence, the younger Savich cone was born about 1400 years ago, following a strong explosive eruption that destroyed part of the Zapadny and Pik cones.

Numerous young lava flows mantle the flanks of 1552-m-high Savich cone, which has grown to slightly exceed Zapadny as the high point of Kikhpinych volcano.

Savich was last active about 400 years ago, when the Krab lava dome was formed on its eastern flank.

Numerous thermal fields are found throughout the complex, including two geysers (now the site of vigorous fumaroles) that were active in the summit crater of Stary Kikhpinych prior to burial by a rockfall avalanche that occurred sometime between September 1981 and July 1982.

PHOTO SOURCE: Vera Ponomareva Holocene Kamchataka volcanoes, courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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