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Meager Volcano, Canada

 Meager Volcano, Canada, Volcano photo

Meager Volcano, Canada

The Mount Meager volcanic complex is the northernmost major volcanic center in the Canadian extension of the Cascade Range.

This Tertiary to Holocene complex has erupted rocks of mafic to felsic composition from at least 8 vents.

The most recent eruption produced a pyroclastic flow and lava flow from a NE flank vent about 2350 years ago.

This view from the Lillooet River valley to the west shows, from left to right, the glacially dissected volcanic necks of Mount Capricorn, Meager Mountain, and Plinth Mountain.

Mount Meager volcanic complex of Pliocene-to-Holocene age forms a dissected andesitic-to-rhyodacitic stratovolcano with multiple eroded summit lava domes and volcanic necks.

Mount Meager lies in the Garibaldi volcanic belt and is the northernmost volcano of the Cascade volcanic arc that extends down to northern California.

The summit of the complex consists of overlapping piles of andesitic lava flows and younger dacitic lava domes and flows.

Quaternary basalts underlying the uppermost 22 km of the Elaho valley originated at the 1375 m level in the South Fork Meager River.

The most recent activity from the Meager volcanic complex about 2350 years ago produced Canada's largest known Holocene explosive eruption and an associated welded block-and-ash flow and a lava flow from a vent on the NE flank of Plinth Peak.

Two clusters of hot springs occur within the complex, which has been investigated for potential geothermal power.

PHOTO SOURCE: Willie Scott, 1990 (U.S. Geological Survey), courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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