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Numazawa Volcano, Japan

 Numazawa Volcano, Japan, Volcano photo

Numazawa Volcano, Japan

Numazawa caldera lake is viewed from its NE shore with a 40,000 year old lava dome forming the right horizon.

The 1.5 x 2 km caldera was formed about 5000 years ago during the eruption of the Numazawako Pumice Flow and plinian airfall deposit.

The small Numazawa caldera was constructed within an older Pliocene caldera.

Numazawa is a small, 2-km-wide dominantly dacitic-to-rhyolitic caldera constructed within an older Pliocene caldera.

Eruptions of the 110,00 yrs Before Present (BP) rhyolitic Shibahara pyroclastic-fall deposit and the 71,000 BP dacitic Mukuresawa lava dome were followed by the dacitic plinian Mizunuma eruption about 45,000 years before present (BP), emplacement of the Sozan lava dome at 43,000 BP and the So-zan lava dome at about 20,000 BP.

The Numazawako pumice flow and plinian eruption about 4600 years BP resulted in formation of the 1.5 x 2 km Numazawako caldera, now largely filled by a caldera lake.

PHOTO SOURCE: Tadahide Ui (Japanese Quaternary Volcanoes database, RIODB, // and Geol Surv Japan, AIST, //, courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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