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Meidob volcano, Sudan

Meidob volcano, Sudan, Volcano photo

Meidob volcano, Sudan

The dark-colored area in the center of this Space Shuttle view is the alkaline Meidob volcanic field in western Sudan.

This broad volcanic field covers an area of 5000 sq km with nearly 700 Pliocene-to-Holocene vents.

The margins of the field are dominated by basaltic scoria cones and associated lava flows, but trachytic-phonolitic lava domes, tuff rings, and maars, concentrated along the central E-W-trending axis of the volcanic field, are among the youngest features.

The latest dated eruptions took place about 5000 years ago.

The alkaline Meidob volcanic field in western Sudan, at the NE end of the Dafur volcanic province, covers an area of 5000 sq km with nearly 700 Pliocene-to-Holocene vents.

The volcanic field was constructed over an uplifted Precambrian igneous and metamorphic basement and is elongated in an E-W direction.

Basaltic scoria cones are scattered throughout the field; their lavas have produced a broad lava plateau.

The central part of the field consists of younger phonolitic lava flows, trachytic pumice-fall deposits, ignimbrites, and maars.

The youngest dated eruptions about 5000 years ago produced a tuff ring and a lava flow.

PHOTO SOURCE: NASA Space Shuttle image STS073-713-87, 1995 (//

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