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Raung volcano, Indonesia

Raung volcano, Indonesia, Volcano photo

Raung volcano, Indonesia

Raung volcano, near the eastern tip of Java, is truncated by a steep-walled, 2-km-wide caldera.

One of Java's most active volcanoes, Raung produces frequent moderate explosive eruptions, like this one in 1988 from a cone within the caldera, that keep the upper flanks of the volcano sparsely vegetated.

Raung forms part of a NW-SE-trending chain of volcanoes constructed near the SW rim of the massive Ijen caldera.

Raung, one of Java's most active volcanoes, is a massive stratovolcano in easternmost Java that was constructed SW of the rim of Ijen caldera.

The 3332-m-high, unvegetated summit of Gunung Raung is truncated by a dramatic steep-walled, 2-km-wide caldera that has been the site of frequent historical eruptions.

A prehistoric collapse of Gunung Gadung on the west flank produced a large debris avalanche that traveled 79 km from the volcano, reaching nearly to the Indian Ocean.

Raung contains several centers constructed along a NE-SW line, with Gunung Suket and Gunung Gadung stratovolcanoes being located to the NE and west, respectively.

PHOTO SOURCE:Photo by Willem Rohi, 1988 (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia).

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