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Ruang volcano, Indonesia

Ruang volcano, Indonesia, Volcano photo

Ruang volcano, Indonesia

Ruang volcano, seen here from the nearby island of Tagulandang, forms a small 4 x 5 km island that is part of a chain of islands extending north from Sulawesi.

Explosive eruptions, recorded in historical time since 1808, have been accompanied by pyroclastic flows and lava dome formation, and have frequently caused damage to populated areas.

Ruang volcano, not to be confused with the better known Raung volcano on Java, is the southernmost volcano in the Sangihe Island arc, north of Sulawesi Island.

The 4 x 5 km island volcano rises to 725 m across a narrow strait SW of the larger Tagulandang Island.

The summit of Ruang volcano contains a crater partially filled by a lava dome initially emplaced in 1904.

Explosive eruptions recorded since 1808 have often been accompanied by lava dome formation and pyroclastic flows that have damaged inhabited areas.

PHOTO SOURCE:Photo by Suratman (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia).

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