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Sanbe volcano, Japan

Sanbe volcano, Japan, Volcano photo

Sanbe volcano, Japan

The summit of Sanbe volcano in SW Honshu, the SW-most Holocene volcano on the island of Honshu, is cut by a caldera.

Seen here from the south, the highest peak is called O-Sanbe (Male-Sanbe or Father-Sanbe).

It is flanked by Me-Sanbe (Female-Sanbe) on the right, Ko-Sanbe (son) on the left, and Mago-Sanbe (grandson) in the center.

Sanbe (also known as Sambe) had a large explosive eruption about 3700 years ago that originated form Taihei-zan lava dome (the lighter-colored area on the west side of the caldera).

Sanbe stratovolcano in SW Honshu, along the Japan Sea coast, is also known as Sambe volcano.

The summit of Sanbe is cut by a small caldera about 1 km in diameter.

The highest point on the dacitic-to-andesitic volcano is 1126-m-high O-Sanbe, at the northern end of the complex.

Sanbe has had several large explosive eruptions during the Pleistocene and one strong Holocene eruption from Taihei-zan lava dome about 3700 years ago.

This eruption was accompanied by pyroclastic flows that swept down the NE-to-SE flanks and traveled 9 km down the Hayamizu River to the SW. Younger, undated eruptions have also occurred (Machida and Arai, 1992).

PHOTO SOURCE:Photo by Yoshinobu Tatsu, 1998 (Shimane Prefectural Sanbe Shizenkan Nature Museum).

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