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Soche volcano, Ecuador

Soche volcano, Ecuador, Volcano photo

Soche volcano, Ecuador

The small forested volcano left of the center of this NASA Landsat image, its eastern (right) flank traversed by a winding road, is Volcan el Soche.

This small stratovolcano near the Colombia border lies just west of the Rio Chingual, which vertically bisects this image.

Soche is the northernmost of a chain of Ecuadorian volcanoes east of the principal volcanic axis and was the source of a major explosive eruption during the early Holocene. The village of La Bonita (lower left-center) lies at the southern end of the volcano.

Volcan el Soche, a small stratovolcano near the Colombia border, is the northernmost of a chain of Ecuadorian volcanoes east of the principal volcanic axis.

The dominantly dacitic Soche volcano was constructed over Paleozoic rocks and has a summit caldera that opens towards the east.

A major explosive eruption took place during the early Holocene at about 8600 years BP, depositing tephra NW into Colombia.

The ejection of voluminous dacitic airfall pumice and pyroclastic flows was followed by the formation of two lava domes in the caldera.

PHOTO SOURCE: NASA Landsat7 image (

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