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Yantarni volcano, United States

Yantarni volcano, United States, Volcano photo

Yantarni volcano, United States

Yantarni volcano, a small, 1345-m-high andesitic stratovoclano with no known historical activity, is located on the Alaska Peninsula. This view from the east shows the central lava dome forming the summit.

The low knobs on both sides of the dome at the height of the long left-hand ridge are remnants of a large crater breached to the NE, which formed during collapse of the volcano about 2000-3500 years ago.

Yantarni is a small andesitic stratovolcano located between Aniakchak caldera and Chiginadak volcanoes that was not discovered until 1979.

A large breached crater on the NE side, which was formed by collapse of the summit about 2000-3500 years ago, contains a lava dome that marks the volcano's 1345 m high point.

This eruption, which resembled that of Mount St. Helens in 1980, began with a debris avalanche produced by the edifice collapse that was accompanied by a possible lateral blast and followed by the emplacement of 1 cu km of pyroclastic flows related to growth of the summit lava dome.

No historical eruptions have been documented from Yantarni.

PHOTO SOURCE: Photo by Tom Miller, 1985 (U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Volcano Observatory). courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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