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Hudson Mountains volcano, Antarctica

Hudson Mountains volcano, Antarctica, Volcano photo

Hudson Mountains volcano, Antarctica

Nunataks in the southern Hudson Mountains rise above the ice surface in this oblique aerial view from the west.

Webber Nunatak is the left foreground, with Mount Manthe left of center (also with exposed outcrops), and Shepherd Dome the larger and uppermost of the two nunataks at the right.

Several other smaller nunataks are visible in the foreground and faintly seen in the background.

The Hudson Mountains, located along the Walgreen Coast in Antarctica's western Ellsworth Land, contain many only slightly eroded parasitic cones forming nunataks protruding above the Antarctic icecap.

The cinder cones apparently rest on three extensively eroded Miocene stratovolcanoes, Teeters Nunatak, Mount Moses, and Mount Manthe.

Subaerial basaltic lava flows dominate, but subglacial or subaqueous tuffs and lava flows are also present.

A tephra layer from an eruption of a subglacial volcano in the Hudson Mountains was dated from ice thickness at about 200 BC.

The possible presence of steam was reported at one of the Hudson volcanoes during 1974.

Satellite data suggested that an eruption of Webber Nunatak took place during 1985, although this has not been confirmed (LeMasurier and Thomson, 1990).

PHOTO SOURCE: U. S. Navy photo TMA 2035 F31 203.

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