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Agung Volcano, Indonesia

Agung Volcano, Indonesia, Volcano photo

Agung Volcano, Indonesia

Agung volcano towers over the eastern end of the island of Bali.

A steep-walled, 200-m-deep crater is located at the summit of the 3142-m-high volcano, seen here from the Sakta River on the eastern flank.

Only three eruptions have been recorded in historical time from Gunung Agung; the latest, during 1963-64, produced devastating pyroclastic flows and lahars.

Symmetrical Agung stratovolcano, Bali's highest and most sacred mountain, towers over the eastern end of the island.

The volcano, whose name means "Paramount," rises above the SE caldera rim of neighboring Batur volcano, and the northern and southern flanks of Agung extend to the coast.

The 3142-m-high summit of Agung contains a steep-walled, 500-m-wide, 200-m-deep crater.

The flank cone Pawon is located low on the SE side of Gunung Agung.

Only a few eruptions dating back to the early 19th century have been recorded from Agung in historical time.

Agung's 1963-64 eruption, one of the world's largest of the 20th century, produced voluminous ashfall and devastating pyroclastic flows and lahars that caused extensive damage and many fatalities.

PHOTO SOURCE: Tom Pierson, 1989 (U.S. Geological Survey), courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, used with permission.

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