Deepwater Gulf of Mexico - America's Expanding Frontier
SOURCE: U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

Appendix E. Companies Defined as Majors in this Report.

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Group Name

Company Name
BP Amoco Canyon Company 00735
Amoco Corporation 02244
Amoco Foundation, Inc. 01679
Amoco Pipeline Company 00751
Amoco Production Company 00114
ARCO Pipe Line Company 00486
Atlantic Refining Company 00002
Atlantic Richfield Company 00002
Atlantic Richfield Company 00967
BP Alaska Exploration Inc. 00301
BP America Production Company 21396
BP America Production Company 00114
BP Americas Inc. 21372
BP Amoco Corporation 02367
BP Corporation North America Inc. 02367
BP Exploration & Oil Inc. 01680
BP Exploration & Production Inc. 02481
BP Exploration Inc. 00593
BP Exploration USA Inc. 00120
BP Prod. Corp. 02350
BP Oil Company 01680
BP Oil Corporation 00120
BP Pipelines (North America) Inc. 00751
BP Prod Corp 02350
Mardi Gras Endymion Oil Pipeline Company LLC 02529
Mardi Gras Transportation System Inc. 02527
Pan American Petroleum Corp 00114
Sohio Alaska Petroleum Company 00113
Sohio Natural Resources 00113
Sohio Petroleum Company 00113
Sohio Petroleum Company 00593
Stanolind Oil and Gas Company 00114
Vastar Offshore, Inc. 02316
Vastar Pipeline, LLC 02317
Vastar Resources, Inc. 01855
ChevronTexaco California Oil Company 00078
Chevron Corporation 02335
Chevron Natural Gas Pipe Line Company 02626
Chevron Oil Company 00078
Chevron Oil Company of the Netherlands 01443
Chevron PBC Inc. 01750
Chevron Pipe Line Company 00400
Chevron Texaco Corp. 21391
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 00078
Chevron U.S.A. LP 02544
ChevronTexaco Corporation 02335
Equilon Pipeline Company LLC 01107
Equilon Pipeline Company LLC 02289
Four Star Oil & Gas Company 00005
Four Star Oil and Gas Company 00005
Getty Oil Company 00005
Getty Pipeline, Inc. 01107
Getty Reserve Oil, Inc. 00578
Gulf Oil Corporation 00112
Pennzoil Exploration and Production Company 01750
Pennzoil Petroleum Company 01750
Seaboard Oil Company 00025
Texaco Exploration and Production 00771
Texaco Inc. 00040
Texaco Oils Inc. 00857
Texaco Pipeline Inc. 01107
Texaco Pipelines LLC 21200
Texaco Producing Inc. 00771
Texaco Seaboard Inc. 00025
Texaco Trading and Transportation Inc. 02020
Texas Company 00040
ExxonMobil Exxon Asset Holdings LLC 02356
Exxon Asset Management Company 02295
Exxon Corporation 00276
Exxon Mobil Corporation 00276
Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation 00039
Exxon Mobil Pipeline Company 00103
Exxon Pipeline Company 00103
Humble Pipe Line Company 00103
Mobil Corporation 02221
Mobil E&P U.S. Development Corporation 02203
Mobil E&P U.S. Development Fund, L.P. 02209
Mobil Eugene Island Pipeline Company 00883
Mobil Exploration and Producing North America Inc. 01055
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 01933
Mobil NOC Inc. 00021
Mobil Oil Corporation 00039
Mobil Oil Exploration & Producing Southeast Inc. 00540
Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico Inc. 00565
Mobil GC Corporation 00565
Mobil-TransOcean Company 00637
Newmont Oil Company 00021
Socony Mobil Oil Co 00039
Superior Oil Company 00047
Shell Coral Offshore Gathering LLC 02253
Enterprise Oil Gulf of Mexico Inc. 02117
Enterprise Oil Louisiana Inc. 02118
MG Gas Services Inc. 02128
Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC 02254
Shell Consolidated Energy Resources Inc. 01940
Shell Deepwater Development Inc. 02139
Shell Deepwater Production Inc. 02140
Shell Energy Resources Inc. 00688
Shell Frontier Oil & Gas Inc. 01728
Shell Gas Gathering Company 02168
Shell Gas Gathering Company, LLC 02253
Shell Gas Gathering LLC 02253
Shell Gas Pipeline Company 01070
Shell Gas Pipeline Company LLC 02254
Shell GOM Pipeline Company LLC 02621
Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. 02117
Shell Land & Energy Company 01967
Shell Offshore Inc. 00689
Shell Offshore Properties and Capital II, Inc. 02128
Shell Oil & Gas Investment Limited Partnership 01839
Shell Oil Company 00117
Shell Onshore Ventures Inc. 01845
Shell Pipe Line Corporation 00124
Shell Seahorse Company 02147
Shell Western E&P Inc. 00832
SWEPI LP 00832
Tejas Offshore Gathering LLC 02253

1 Sale 1 was an oil, gas, and sulfur lease sale offshore Louisiana.
2 These were oil and gas drainage lease sales offshore Louisiana.
3 Sale 8 was a salt lease sale offshore Louisiana.
4 Sale 13 was a sulfur and salt lease sale offshore Texas.
5 Sale 17 was a salt lease sale offshore Louisiana.
6 Sale 20 was a sulfur and salt lease sale offshore Louisiana.
7 Sale 32 was an oil and gas lease sale offshore Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

LA = oil and gas lease sale offshore Louisiana (unless otherwise footnoted)
TX = oil and gas lease sale offshore Texas
GOM = oil and gas lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico
CGOM = oil and gas lease sale in the Central Gulf of Mexico Planning Area
EGOM = oil and gas lease sale in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Planning Area
WGOM = oil and gas lease sale in the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area

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